Friday, 4 February 2011

Inside Out

This is from a project in design called inside out I had to make an accessorie that was related to my work. I decided that i was going to look at the inside out of jewellery my sketch book was full of random things and my necklace i think represents my theam and work well.

Design Work

This is some of my design work for college I could do my own theam and i picked vogue over the years. I will draw a wide range of objects that relate to the vogue magazinesin. At the end of the project i hope to make a garment that is inspired by all of my design work and research over the weeks. This is only a small sample of my work i have desided that my presentation will look classic like a vogue magazine i hope to research old buildings and photographers that have fetured in vogue over the years.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rhianna to rude for youtube?

So have you all seen rhiannas newest vidio for S&M ? Well you tube have have desided that it is to rude and they will not feture it. I think that its one of her best you have blogger perez hilton on all fours like a dog and rihanna looking amazing the clothes are amazing and she looks great.what do you think ?


So summers not long away and high street are stocking up with beach wear flipsflops and bikinis. Riverisland have a great collectionm out that includes this very summery top/dress for the beach i love the colour and style you could also wear this in the day with jeans perfect to go and sit in the sun drinking cocktails. I can see myself earing thin in the summer can you ?

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Barbie girl

So resentley me an my friend are planning to go to an event that is popular called carnage. Every couple of months this event takes place were you have to go and buy a top and you get into clubs and bars for free and every month they have a theam ..... And this mounth its barbie we are sooo exited that we get to dress as barbie but its harder than i thurt when you have to were a horrible top so an sugestions wot we can were ;)

Friday, 14 January 2011

Best dressesd....

Best Dressed Of The Week - 14/01/2011This week was the premire for the new film morning glory staring the amazing rachel mcadams.She wowed everybody with this elagent with a feel of greak goddess red number.Floor length dress with a black belt wrapped around her waist to show of her curves in a elegant style.

The end of the world.....

So some people think that in 2012 the world is going to end (what do you think) i dont really know what to think so just in case i have made a list of everything that i really hope to happen this year some might not be reachable but owell  so what do you think is the end of the world about to happin in the year 2012 ?